Who We Are

We are member of: 1. Iran StoneAssociation  2. Chairman of Iran Stone Association export & economical committee  3. Iran chamber of commerce & industry. 4. Common chamber of Iran –Australia 5. Common chamber of Iran –Italy 6. Common chamber of Iran –Canada 7.Common chamber of Iran –England, 8.Common chamber of Iran –Saudi Arabia Company Name: Farzin Rock Stone Co.
Trade name: F.R.S. Co.
Division: Export Stone & Import Machineries
Established: 1992 by R-Alijani
Ownership: Private
Total number of employees: 46
Registered License: 414446 at Ministry of Commerce Activities: Export, Import & Trading Stone: Manufacturer, quarry owner & Exporting of  Travertine , Marble , onyx & Granite Tiles, Slabs and Block. Head Office:: # 3, No.27, East. Sarv St. Ave., Kaj Square Saadat-Abad Ave code: 1998653788 Tehran, Iran .Post Tel: +9821 - 222063227
9821 - 22092057
9821 - 22092060
9821 - 22099131
Fax: 9821 - 22067030  Cell: +98-912 37 10 160
E-Mail: [email protected]
Web: www.rockstone.biz Bank:
Beneficiary's Bank: Export Development bank of Iran; Central Br; Code 1301 
Swift Code: Edbiirthcen
In favor of: Farzin Rock Stone Trade Co
A/C or ID No: 010374136
Beneficiary: Farzin Rock Stone Trade Co.
Bank Sepah, North Alameh Tabatabaee Branch code 1798
Add: North Alames St., Saadat Abad Ave., Tehran, Iran.
A/C or ID No: 99011 (For USD)
Telephone: +9821- 22060131 
Fax: 22075238 
Swift: sepbirthxxxx


China office :

سید امین اصفهانی

Amin Esfehani

Address in China: 南京市御道街29号,留学生宿舍B4-301-1

A phone number in China +8613400050620

Wechat, WhatsApp +8613400050620

Email address: [email protected]