Brown Onyx


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Slab size: 250x160x2 CM

Tiles size :( 100x100x2CM)-(80x80x2CM) - 60x60x2CM) - (60X30x2, 15CM), (30x30x1.2CM),

(40x40x1.2 CM) & desired size 

Block size: 250x165x165 CM              Ask for price list.... 

Onyx is an exclusive, vivid and somewhat fragile gemstone. Chemically it is a variation in form of the mineral quartz, this is what makes it an interior material in the higher price category. This slightly translucent stone has many different appearances, with a variety in colour, shade and veining. Every single piece is unique. The use on countertops and cladding is not common, and that’s why Onyx will add a perfect special touch to your exclusive interior design.