Khoram Dareh Granite


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Avaiable size :

Slab size : 280x180x2 CM

Tiles size :(100x100x2CM)-(80x80x2CM) - 60x60x2CM )- (60X30x2,15CM) , (30x30x1.2CM),

(40x40x1.2 CM) & desired size 

Block size : 300x200x1180 CM                     Ask for price list....

Granite is the most resilient stone on the market and is thus able to resist very high temperatures. These fire- and heat-resistant properties are brought to light when granite is used as kitchen countertops, since they can be subjected to direct heat from kitchen utensils without altering their surface.

Its timeless elegance, outstanding hardness and resistance to abrasion make this the perfect material for outdoor and indoor use. With granite advantages, authenticity and functionality are synonymous with innovative beauty.