Travertine Tile Products

Travertine: quarry Brown Travertine, Beige Travertine, Cream Travertine, Red Travertine, Yellow Travertine, Iran Travertine, Italian Travertine, Travertine, Turkish Travertine Travertine Slab Products: Beige Travertine Slab, Cream Travertine Slab, Red Travertine Slab, Light Yellow Travertine Slab natural tile marble limestone tiles slabs mosaics mosaic arts tumbled mesh mounted artifacts pavers, architectural elements fireplaces columns tumbled stone sinks interior decoration antique stone flooring wall tile wooden flooring, fireplace travertine natural tile marble limestone tiles slabs mosaics architectural elements tumbled stone pavers flooring, wood, versailles pattern, fireplace mantle sinks.

Marble Green: Antique green marble with an antique finish. It is a very soft stone, and somewhat brittle, and needs to be installed where it will not be subject to hard wear. This beautiful stone is characterized by its translucence, and can actually be backlit for striking, dramatic effects.
Marble Red: Tumbled red marble with an antique finish. Crema Marfil: Polished crema marfil mosaic, cut with a straight edge, complements crema marfil wall and floor tiles. Chipped Edge Honed And Filled: Honed and filled medium travertine with a chipped edge. A beautiful tile with lovely markings that enhance any room. Very practical and hard wearing.
A beautiful hard wearing travertine that is ideal as a floor covering. Beautiful pure white limestone with a honed finish, ideal for floor or wall coverings. Exceptional quality and superb value, you wont find better. Walnut Mexican Travertine Walnut Iran Travertine. Importing of Iranian Stone. Powerful Exporter of stone from Iran. Travertine from Turkey Iran Mexico. Farzin Rock Stone Ltd Exporter Company in Stone and Mineral.

Onyx Tile

Onyx, like travertine, is the result of water dissolving existing limestone and re-depositing it as a new kind of stone, sometimes called sinter. In limestone caves, onyx is formed by drip water, as stalagmites and stalactites. Travertine can be filled, usually with a cementicous filler, or left unfilled for a more rustic appearance. Travertine comes in several shades of cream/beige, brown, pink and gold, and is available in a number of different tile sizes and slab thickness. It is normally used for flooring, wall cladding, vanity tops, fireplace surrounds and furniture. Antique Beige Marble Hani Beige Marble Blocks


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Yellow Travertine Tile