Black Tumbled: Tumbled stone black marble mosaics sheet.

Red Travertine Tile: Tumbled red travertine mosaic with an antique finish laid on a mosaic sheet. Marble, onyx can be finished with a polished surface and in black cream beige color and various sizes.
This is a glossy and reflective surface finish which deepens the color and contrasts within the stone. It can also be finished to a honed surface finish which is a matte like low sheen finish. It's not reflective and shiny like a polished finish. Consult your fabricator/installer if you have another surface finish in mind.
Limestone Products: Green Persian Limestone (Iran).
Iranian Stone Products: Iranian Limestone Products Iranian Crystal Products:
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Porcelain tile from Italy with competitive Price Lists. red marble tile is one of the best flooring tiles. Iran prices travertine marble furniture tumbled travertine stone durango beige travertine online leopard marble tile.
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Stone Travertine Mix 2 Polished: Polished red, brown, yellow and white travertine mosaics with a highly polished finish laid in a random pattern on a mosaic sheet. Marble Black: Tumbled black marble with a smooth finish laid on a mosaic sheet.

Travertine flooring and wall tiles are ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms or as a flooring internally or externally. Travertine is a very versatile stone created by shifts in the earth's crust which allows steam, under enormous pressure to mix with dissolved limestone. Further shifts in the earths crust moves the travertine to the surface where it can be quarried. Our travertine products come in a number of different finishes to suit your taste and environment. For those that prefer a smooth feel under foot and hand the travertine is honed and finished at our factories. This is a process of filling the holes before polishing the surface. If a traditional finish is your preference, the travertine can be tumbled travertine leaving the natural undulation of the stone. Other options include hand chiselled edges and an opus romano pattern where the stone comes in mixed travertine sizes.

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White Travertine Tile