Polished Travertine

Toros Black Tumbled: Tumbled toros black marble mosaics laid on a mosaic sheet. Marble Green: Tumbled green marble with an antique finish.
Green Polished: Polished green marble, straight cut and also vein cut.
Travertine Medium Light Filled/Honed: The most popular of all the travertine, it is used throughout the world as a floor or wall covering due to its versatility and modern feel. Medium light and very consistent. Honed & filled, straight cut, vein cut and finished varieties stone. Iran onyx natural stone limestone repair. Main exporter of Iranian stone wholesaler importer.
Travertine tiles Italy travertine tiles. Iran brown sahara granite x tile stone cutting machines, stone bricks, mosaic, tumble stones Natural Persian Stone (coop, tile, slab) From Iran.
Natural Persian Marble flagstone, granite marble slate stone Fireplace Vermont castings, hearth (coop, tile, slab) From Iran.
Natural Persian Travertine (coop, tile, slab) shipping From Iran all over the world. Natural Persian travertine (coop travertine, tile travertine, slab travertine) From Iran.
Natural Persian Travertine Products: Light Beige Persian Travertine (Iran)
Iranian Limestone Products: Iranian crystal limestone products.
Products: Dark pink Marble from Iran (Tiles, Coop, Slab) building stone from Iran. Construction materials from Iran. Density of marble onyx is often found in limestone caves. Water dissolves the existing limestone and redeposit it. It is quartz crystals fused together into translucent layers of stone. This stone is also used as a mineral gem. quartzite stone fireplace meshed slate culture building material flooring wall, roofing slate, cut-to-size random slabs, tumble slate slate tiles fireplaces, fountains, columns balustrades tile, liners, chair rails mosaics flooring porcelain cantera adoqui granite unfilled Golden Travertine filled golden travertine vein cut green golden black beige white light cream pink travertine vein cut Paver .

Tumbled Travertine

Travertine turco classico light / medium economy grade, export quality,12 x 12,16 x 16,18 x 18,24 x 24 marble. Turkey travertine turkey ceylan group marble exporter and also Spanish stone Mexico natural stone.
Turkey travertine exporter Spanish Ceylan construction Inc. Turkey Company travertine marble are more expensive than Persian travertine.
FARZIN STONE COMPANY is a building construction company. Iran with construction project Persian and infrastructure construction, dams projects Iran irrigation channels Iranian.
Travertine Pencil: Thin pencil strips of medium travertine cut to give a very modern tile. Can be used as a border or as a wall covering. Comes with a honed finish unfinished filled and straight cut edge.
Octagonal Noce/Chiaro:
An octagonal mosaic inspired from the 30's using brown and white tumbled travertine.
Iran pistachio, Iran saffron, Iran dried fruit exporter.

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