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Farzin Rock Stone Co.
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Q. We require approximately 1 container every 8 weeks, do you supply companies like ours?

A. Our entire business revolves around companies such as yourselves. One or two containers a year are not a problem.

Q. We require a selection of say 6 colors per container load.

A. This is not a problem so long as the materials chosen are from that specific country's production. If you require mixed loads of say Brazilian, Finnish, Indian and Swedish granites then they would have to come from Italy.

Q. What is your standard slab size or can we specify?

A. You can specify however the Price Listss show the usual minimum sizes available.

Q. What is approximate delivery time from order?

A. Dispatch for slabs is usually 2-4 weeks, for strips 4-6 weeks, however we are working on extra production stock to reduce this time.

Q. We have assumed approx 60 slabs per container - please advise your estimate.

A. 2 cm = 375 m2 per container - say 90-100 slabs 3 cm = 250 m2 per container - say 60-70 slabs

Q. We assume the prices for different colors vary?

A. Yes. All the prices are shown on our Price Listss for the different colors.

Q. Can you supply free length strips to our width, say 600-800 mm, polished face, one long edge polished square and the opposite edge sawn square or any other edge profile we require for counter tops?

A. Yes!

Q. We require samples for potential customers.

A. These can be included free of charge in your container. Just specify your requirement. We usually supply 150 x 150 x 10 mm (6" x 6" x 3/8").

Q. Why are your prices so competitive?

A. You are buying direct from the producer.

Q. What is the difference between First Choice and Commercial Quality?

A. First Choice materials have no visible flaws, are uniform in character and material thickness does not vary. All materials are filled with epoxy resin where deemed necessary and completed to accepted international standards. Tiles are carefully calibrated, beveled and polished.

Commercial Quality materials do not generally meet the visually aesthetic requirements of the retail stone industry. They may have one or more spots, lines, or may have different shading from what is expected by the market. In addition for tiles, an estimated 10% of them also have some minor technical problems such as small fissures, a slightly chipped bevel or a wheel-mark. These materials can be an inexpensive option for flooring needs on low-budget projects.

*F.O.B : Free on Board: Shipped under a rate that includes costs of delivery to and the

loading onto a carrier at a specified point. Normally the country of production.

*C.I.F: Cost, insurance and freight: Price determined at point of destination that includes the cost of goods. The marine insurance and all transportation charges are calculated from point of destination. Normally your usual importing port.

Further quality standards information may be found in site , click here.

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